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Initial signatories:

Jamie Woodcock, Goldsmiths SU Postgraduate Officer

Robin Burrett, LSE Postgraduate Student’s Officer

Mark Bergfeld, NUS Executive

Ruby Hirsch, NUS Executive

James Haywood, President Goldsmiths College & NUS Executive

Matt Bond, NUS Disabled Student Ctte & NUS Executive

Camilla Thoreson, VP Education

Nathan Bolton, Campaigns Officer Essex SU

James Burch, Postgraduate Officer Essex SU

Nicole Andreou, Participation and Involvement Officer Essex SU

Neil Bamber, LGBT Officer Essex SU

Lois Clifton – Environment and Ethics Officer, LSE

Amy Gilligan – Cambridge Queens MCR External Officer

Becky Gardner – Women’s Officer Portsmouth SU

Kanja Sesay – NUS Black Student’s Officer

Aaron Kiely – NUS Executive

David Cichon – President Sussex SU

Sherelle Davids – Anti-Raicsm Officer LSE SU

Niamh Hayes – LSE student

Alex Fountain – MMU SU Education Officer

Edd Bauer – Education Officer B’ham Guild

Amena Amer – LSE SU Education Officer


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